About Us

Len and Maggie

Hi and welcome to Awesome Backyard Living, I’m Maggie and here by my side is my husband Len who is from the United Kingdom and I’m from Southern Ireland.

We met when we were 17 and 19 years old and have been together ever since.

The Secret, our love and passion for backyard living, fresh air, great food and above all lots of fun, sharing caring and building memories that last a lifetime.

Together we have over 40 years experience of living the outdoor life.

Our unique knowledge comes from living in many countries around the world.

Our backyards have been many and varied.

We have cooked, grilled, BBQ’d and entertained in all kinds of weather conditions.

From sizzling hot Malaysia in temperatures of 100F. humid and steamy Hong Kong where we were melting faster than the burgers we were grilling.

Even freezing cold winters -13F. in Bulgaria with our backyard covered in several feet of snow.

Sitting around a cosy fire pit in flickering candlelight dressed in snowsuits eating BBQ grilled fish, sipping hot punch with friends. (a thrilling experience) you should try it.

We want to help you and your family feel the same way when you’re living in your backyard.

Our Vision

To fill your backyard with love and enjoyment.

Provide you with help and advice on how to transform your outdoor area into an Awesome backyard living space that is peaceful, joyful, caring, nurturing and safe for you and your loved ones.

Maybe you just want something simple and cosy, a shady area and some comfy chairs so everyone can sit around and chat.

A safe place for your kids to play and have fun.

Just peaceful getaway corner where you can chill out

To something more extravagant boasting everything from a state of the art outdoor kitchen with structured gazebo and luxury seating, or maybe something in between.

Whatever it is you are going to need information on how to choose, how to use and how to care for all your backyard equipment.

There are so many choices, makes and models on offer that it can become very confusing and you may end up choosing something that’s not suitable for your specific needs and pocket.

Len and I are here to provide you with no holds barred, up to date information on all types of outdoor furniture and backyard living equipment.

From the bare basic essentials to the most luxurious items and everything in between, we have you covered.

Choosing backyard equipment that’s most suitable for you, based on the size of your yard.

The number of people in your family, how often you entertain and most important of all your budget.

Using your outdoor equipment safely and efficiently to get the best from it.

Caring for your backyard items, an absolute must if you want your equipment to last as long as possible, making your hard earned cash go a long way.

We must mention here we are not Backyard Designers, we are just a normal couple (well maybe not so normal).

We do however have a passion for backyard living and a commitment to help you make the choices you are happy with and enjoy living in and sharing your backyard for years to come.


Life is for living

Go live it.