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Hi there,

Pleased to meet you, we are glad you’re here at Awesome Backyard Living.

I guess you’re curious about;who we are? what we get up to, and what we can do for you.
Let’s have a coffee together and I will tell you all about us.

Awesome Backyard Living is here to help you figure out the best products that you can comfortably afford and at the same time meet the needs of your family.
To provide tips, advice, and information based on honest research.

Our Values

Awesome Backyard Living operates on; Sincerity, Honesty, and Trust.

Our Promise

We are here to serve and support you. Maybe you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed with so many choices, Hundreds of websites all offering “The Best” products. 

We promise to help you achieve your desires, by breaking down and simplifying information in an easy and understandable way.

Who We Are

We are Maggie and Len Bartle, a husband and wife team. We have over 30 years of experience living the outdoor life.
We have cooked, grilled, barbecued, and entertained in all kinds of weather from the tropics to the frozen lands.

The secret to our staying- power is our love and passion for backyard living, fresh air, great food, and above all lots of fun, building memories that last a lifetime.


My passion for outdoor life and gardening began way-back when I was a child growing up in rural Ireland.

My fondest memories were digging in the soil, helping (or hindering) my Grandad as he planted potatoes and vegetables, and I have have been addicted ever since.

(Forget the dolls, give me a shovel and I will dig you up some dirt any-day)

Fast Forward (this won’t take long)

Len and I met when we were teenagers, Oh! so long ago, he was a  soldier and I was a trainee nurse in the British Army.
We fell in love, married, and made two wonderful sons, and three amazing grandchildren, (no we’re not responsible for making them)

We traveled extensively experiencing many extraordinary cultures around the world.

The BBQ thing and eating outside began when we lived in Malaysia.
We didn’t even know what the word barbecue meant but, we were about to find out.
It was an amazing social experience and the most delicious food we had ever tasted. Yes! from that day forward Len and I developed “barbecue fever”   

BBQ here, BBQ there, BBQ everywhere. 

wheeled cycle with geranium flowers in pots attached to the wheels

Our Leisure Pursuits

When we’re not researching, brainstorming, or typing the tips of our fingers away you will find me outside in our backyard garden going potty, furiously planting flowers in anything that even resembles a flower pot. (I think I was a buttercup or a daisy in a past life)

# Gardening –  Flowers, Garden Pots, and creating stuff.
# Yoga/Qi Gong – Need these to calm my racing mind.
# Shopping – (had to get this one in).

I must tell you about this;

three concrete children on a bench decorated with flowers

My Latest Obsession;

Creating kids from concrete, yes you heard that right.
I call them “My blooming kids” (now ours are all grown up).
These little people are amazing.
No need to feed them, they stay where I put them too,
and they make everyone smile.

What Does Len Do?

Len loves DIY, fishing and photography (when he gets the time) travelling and boating – we both love traveling and boating leisurely down the river.

Not forgetting barbecuing, grilling, and socializing in our backyard.

Still Here? Good Then We Will Tell You Why We Created This Website

Now to the serious stuff.

After having personally experienced buying products that were faulty the first time we used them or didn’t match the hyped-up description. 
Feeling overwhelmed and not knowing who to trust. We decided there must be a better way to help people like us, purchase products with confidence and make it easier to choose what is right for your family,

                    and so Awesome Backyard Living was born.

What we do

Awesome Backyard Living brings you in-depth reviews,
tips, insights, information and expert recommendations
for backyard living products to buy across a range of

Some of our most popular include Top Rated Fire Pits,
Best Outdoor Grills, Backyard Entertainment, Outdoor

We have more than nine years experience researching
and reading through thousands of customer reviews we
take the time to source the best quality products from
trustworthy companies because we deeply believe a
product should do what it is supposed to do;

 Be made from good quality material
 Provide value for money
 Be safe to use
 Useful and easy to clean
 Performs well
 Easy to maintain
 Good Warranty

How we select backyard products for review

As much as we’d like to, we can’t personally test every
product, which is why we find the top-reviewed products,
take the time to source the best quality and single out the
most convincing ones.
We do this by looking at all of the products in a specific
category from a specific merchant, be it Smokeless Fire
Pits from Solo Stove or, Outdoor Grills from Amazon.

Our criteria

From here, our criteria are based solely on the number of
reviews and the average customer ratings from real
people who have already bought and used the products
and are happy with them.
To keep everything fair and honest we also check out
customers negative reviews and post what we think are
genuine concerns in our product review posts.

No Time For Products That Don’t Work

We update our posts regularly, but note that some products may suddenly be out of stock, deals can expire and all prices are subject to change after we have published our posts.
We understand this can be very frustrating but un-fortunately is beyond our control.
Awesome Backyard Living will always aim to bring you good deals, smart shopping advice and discounted products.

No faux information

We are not interested in faux information or silly claims, just good quality, useful products that you’ll like using and your family will love.

At Awesome Backyard Living We are here for you

We have a large extended family and have no time for products that don’t work and are not reliable.
There is nothing more annoying or frustrating than when you have bought an item and it breaks down the first time you use it.
We know we can not help everyone on the planet, no matter how many glowing reviews a product receives, there will always be some that will slip through the cracks.

Our Family Photo

 At Awesome Backyard Living We Are Here For You

Please forgive us if we get it wrong sometimes or we make mistakes, we are merely human beings just like you.

If you have questions about grills, grilling or firepits check out our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section.

We feel privileged to be part of your journey especially when you have found exactly what you need without the drama or stress.
Or, if there is something you would like to share, whether we have helped you in some way (or not) either way we want to hear from you. You can contact us here.

So there you have it, It was a pleasure chatting to you.

I hate to say goodbye so if you can spare the time now, (or later by saving this page in your favourites)

you may like to take a quick peek around Awesome Backyard Living

Thanks a million, see you soon again.

Our motto, life is for living, go live it

and make unforgettable memories.