Camp Chef Sequoia Fire Pit: Warms On The Coldest Evening

Last Updated on October 12, 2022

This Camp Chef GCLOGM Portable Fire Pit will reward you with its smokeless orange-red flames that glow like a traditional campfire

camp chef sequoia portable propane fire pitIt makes the perfect fire pit to keep you and your family warm and cozy at the campfire.

Perfect, a smokeless fire pit that can go where other wood-burning campfires are forbidden.

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This camp chef GCLOGM fire pit is a quality midsize fire pit that can be equally effective on a backyard patio, at a tailgate party, or on the beach.

Wherever you see the need for a fire pit and a gathering of good friends.

It’s large and prominent enough to become the centerpiece of your patio or porch. If that’s what you’re looking for, this fire pit could be the right one for you.

How is this Camp Chef Sequoia fire pit different from other fire pits?

It looks a lot like other fire pits with a jet black, matt exterior.

There’s one distinctive decorative feature that separates this brand from the others.

It’s the multiple pine tree-shaped cutouts (air vents) all around the side of the fire pit, giving it a nice designer’s touch.

One cool thing about this fire pit is that the flames tend to go from edge to edge, unlike similar fire pits.

This means the fire spans a larger percentage of the fire pit, giving you a larger more vibrant, and dramatic fire.  The bowl is full of gorgeous flickering orange flames and heat.

What’s In The Box?

Along with one 20 X 19.5 X 11 inch high fire basin, you get a 5-foot long propane hose, camp chef sequoia portable propane fire pitautomatic safety shut-off valve, two adjustable roasting sticks, and a zippered carry bag.

show?id=P1wAMN9e5Nk&bids=690299Also included are lava rocks to place on top of the burner to create a more realistic fire.

With 55,000 BTUs per hour, there’s no question that Camp Chef Sequoia fire pit can generate some significant heat and an attractive flame at the same time.

These fire pits can be used with a quick-connect hose if you’re using it as your RV fire pit.
Just make sure you have the proper connection, so there’s never any leakage.

Wherever you choose to use it camping, tailgating, or simply at home on your backyard patio It’s sure to keep you warm.

With the included flame control dial, you can set your flame to the exact size you want.

Whether you’re just enjoying conversation, gazing at the stars above, roasting marshmallows with the kids, or cooking hot dogs to perfection.

It’s all possible with the Camp Chef Sequoia fire pit.

Cure The Lava Rocks First

You’ll want to use the included lava rocks since they enhance the campfire experience.
The supplied stones are quite effective in producing a beautiful yellow-orange flame that flickers almost like a real wood-burning fireplace.

How To Cure The Lava Rocks

Due to the nature of lava rocks, it’s a good idea to “cure” them the first time you use the fire pit.

What you want to do is remove any moisture that gets inside and can cause them to snap, crackle, and pop.

This can quickly ruin your campfire experience if you don’t take care of this preliminary step, before enjoying your fire pit as intended. The process is simple and only takes 10- 15 minutes.

Arrange the rocks around the ring as directed and place a metal screen over the top. This is for your own protection, should any piece of rock pop and become airborne.

Make sure when you put the lava rocks around the burner, you don’t block the port around the pilot light area, stopping it from igniting.

Then light your fire and turn it to its highest setting for about 10 minutes give or take.

What you’re doing is allowing the rocks to “bake” at high heat for the duration.
This helps free any moisture that has found its way inside these stones.   

 Be sure to use a mesh screen and maintain a safe distance from the fire, so that if anything does pop, it’s not going to hit you.

After about 10 – 15 minutes all the moisture should be gone and you’re good to use the fire pit then.

Always store your lava rocks in a dry space. If they take on additional moisture after you already cured them you’ll need to repeat the process.

How Big Is It?

Overall dimensions of the Camp Chef Sequoia fire pit 20 X 19.5 X 11 inches in height. .

With 55,000 BTU’s you can enjoy smokeless propane-fueled flames and easily adapt them to the level of heat you want.

Come home from work, or shopping, grab a beer or a glass of wine, and your very own campfire is ready to light. No smoke to overwhelm you, clean and delightful for your enjoyment.

Even quicker than starting is the shutdown. Simply close the valve, turn off your propane tank and let your fire pit cool down, approx 15 minutes.

With 12 pounds of fire pit rocks, you can be sure that the heat will be evenly dispersed around the perimeter of the pit and that creates a beautiful flame.

Without lots of lava rock, the flame on a propane fire ring can look thin and weak.

Camp Chef Sequoia Fire Pit Has Safety Built-In

With the built-in safety shut-off valve, you can rest assured knowing that if there ever is a problem with too much propane, it will shut down automatically.

The Camp Chef Sequoia fire pit is constructed of heavy gauge steel in a durable black enamel finish.

Built-in are nickel coated steel safety rings.

Overall weight is 27.1 pounds pounds, which is heavier than some models on the market, but not excessively heavy by any means.

Can You Cook On A Propane Fire Pit?

Sure you can cook on this thing. What else would you expect from a Camp Chef branded fire pit?SMOKEWARE-Stainless-Steel-Grill-Grate-Compatible-with-Big-Green-Egg-Heavy-Duty-Gauge-(XL - 24")

Beyond roasting wieners and marshmallows on the sticks provided, you’ll need to set up some sort of a Grill Grate, set firmly in place over the fire pit.

The grill grate we recommend is made from stainless steel to give long life, sturdy, holding up to 19lb in weight and available in sizes 16″ and 24″ diameter.

With a rack in place, you can do lots more beyond popping Jiffy-pop popcorn and boiling water.

Please Note: Whatever you choose to cook over your fire, you’ll want to be careful with any drippings and how they will affect your lava rock.

It’s easy to stain the rocks and ruin their looks. There are many different types of lava rock in case yours are ruined by grease.

Any grease that drips down on the rock will burn, causing smoke you otherwise wouldn’t have to deal with, as well as a horrible mess you’ll have to clean up (Yuk) and with the possibility of blocking the gas holes. 

We found a better way was to invest in a portable outdoor grill for your cooking

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Cool Down Your Camp Chef Sequoia Fire Pit Before Tear Downshow?id=P1wAMN9e5Nk&bids=690299

camp chef sequoia portable propane fire pit

Another must is to make sure this thing cools down completely before you tear down and load up into your vehicle.

Typically, the time required is 15 to 20 minutes. But if you can allow more time, it’s not a bad idea to do so.

If you don’t particularly enjoy the look of lava rock, you can certainly replace them with fire glass.

However, you won’t get the same amount of radiant warmth from the fire glass that you do with lava. You’re probably better off sticking with the supplied lava stones.

What Size Tank Will I Need?

normal-20lb-propane-tankAll you need is a regular 20-pound propane tank. It hooks up easily.

If you’ve already got one connected to your outdoor grill, use that first, since you can switch back and forth.

The more you use your Camp Chef fire pit, the more you’ll want to get a second tank for sheer convenience and extended use time.

The one shown is the standard tank and we also show a slightly more expensive but better-known brand of tank Check them out here.

Protect Your  Camp Chef Sequoia Propane Fire Pit

As rugged as this fire pit happens to be, you’ll want to keep it covered when not being used if you intend to leave it set up, if the lava rock get wet they will need curing again. Separate covers are available here.

Keep it protected from the elements, it’s much more likely to fire up every time you turn the starter on.

When you’re done with your camp chef  fire pit, you can simply tuck it away and store it out of sight in the carry bag.

Keep Your Camp Chef fire pit All Together

The good news is that everything else that comes in the box fits inside the canvas bag.

This makes it super-easy to keep it all together and organized in a singleredwood-fire-pit-with-carry-bag container, so nothing goes missing.

The beauty of a Camp Chef fire pit like this is you can use it in many different locations away from home as well as, at various points around your yard or patio.

You’re not stuck in one location like you are with a traditional campsite fire pit. Just make sure you keep it a safe distance away from combustible material.

What Kind Of Burn Can You Expect?

When you have the propane set on high, the flame can rise some 12 to 14 inches from the top of the rocks.

On medium, the same flame is only slightly diminished, but there’s a lower volume of flames overall.

With either setting, you’re going to get a robust flame appearing and the trick is to first burn on high and then reduce it to conserve fuel.

If you’re burning propane at a higher level, you can expect a full 20-pound tank (five gallons) to last about 7 1/2 hours.

You can extend this time by turning down the volume and burning less propane.

You’ll find that the 11″ overall height is just about right for two or three people sitting around a campfire in a lawn or patio chair to get the full benefit of the heat as it radiates out from the fire.

Of course, it’s going to cost you a little bit of money every time you refill your tank, just as it does when refilling your car.

Chances are, the fun you’ll have with family and friends and the overall enjoyment it provides will be well worth it in the end.


  • Solid Value, you get a lot in one product (propane and tank excepted) and more lava rock than you’ll need.
  • Storage bag everything fits inside so it’s awesome for putting it out of sight when you’re finished with your fire.
  • Looks authentic and real, the rocks heat up then glow like wood on a real campfire.
  • Attractive flame, dominant, yet pleasant without being overly bright. 
  • Warms you up, heats your patio more than a standard patio heater does. (This one puts out 55,000 BTUs where your average patio heater only puts at 44,000 BTUs.)
  • Easy to transport, everything goes in the carrying case, so you don’t have to worry about spilling rocks or dusty ashes.
  • Great for camping, and beach parties under the stars.
  • Easy to operate, simple, and fast. 
  • Cools quickly, this is important, especially at a tailgate party, so you don’t miss a second of the game.
  • Right size, you get a fire pit of considerable size without the excessive bulkiness so it doesn’t take up much space in your yard, or out on the patio.
  • Roasting sticks, a nice addition that’s included at no extra cost.


  • The 5-foot hose provided is a bit too short. (To extend it seek out a professional)
  • Some buyers complained that the lava rocks they got were all small sizes and barely enough to cover the fire ring.
  • Control knob sensitivity takes some practice to get the control knob just right, to start the fire pit safely.
  • Instruction manual not clear or descriptive enough to be useful.
  • The stainless steel is not of the highest quality.


Overall this Camp Chef Sequoia fire pit is a great little fireplace that can heat up pretty quickly. Most propane appliances can be tricky at first getting the propane flow just right for perfect ignition. 

It’s rugged and dependable, even when it’s not maintained as well as it should chef sequoia portable propane fire pitshow?id=P1wAMN9e5Nk&bids=690299Not only does it provide heat but it also provides significant light. And you can cook on it too but we suggest marshmallows or s’mores only.

When you factor in the user-value versus the dollar value, buying this one makes a lot of sense.

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We hope this review has help you make a decision regarding which fire pit, should you require more information then please contact us we are always willing to help.