Char-Broil Infrared Electric Grill in Red : Healthy Great Tasting Food – Shared With Good Friends

 Infrared Cooking Does Make A Difference 

A Notable difference about the Char-Broil Infrared electric grill is that it uses an infrared cooking system to cook food evenly, completely, and efficiently.

You get way fewer flare-ups and you get to enjoy nicely-grilled, juicy foods every time that will satisfy even the fussiest of eaters.

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The Safest Way To Enjoy Your Favorite Grilled Foods

It’s an excellent grill for those who are either forced to or choose not to use charcoal, natural gas, or propane to fuel their barbecues.

Char-Broil Infrared electric grill

Is a winning option from an established barbecue manufacturer in the up and coming electric grill market


The Char-Broil 16702047 Infrared Electric Grill features a stunning red finish and a large size. The grill itself is about 18 inches in diameter and can cook a lot of food at once.

It boasts 240 square inches of primary grilling area, plus an 80 square inch warming rack above the main grill.

Practical Grilling Capacity With Style

If you’re looking for a practical grill that’s stylish and gets the job done at the same time, this Red Char-Broil Electric Grill is worthy of your consideration.

Since it is an electric grill, it’s better for the environment. There are no dangerous gases like traditional barbecues powered by propane or natural gas, and no open flame either.

The manufacturer claims a cooking capacity of anywhere from eight to twelve hamburgers, depending on the size of the patties.

So you could figure on about four large steaks easily fitting on the grill at once.

Perfect for those Backyard Birthday Parties, family reunions, entertaining friends and more. 

A Standout Char-Broil Infrared electric grill

If you really want a grill that nobody else in the neighborhood is going to have, this is it. You’ve earned the right to be who are you and show your individuality and status.

When you want to stand out, you want something like this the Char-Broil infrared electric grill with a bright red finish.

The Char-Broil Electric Grill Can Be Used Almost Anywhere Outside

This includes anybody who lives in an apartment building or townhouse complex or condominium.

It also includes any other residential area, patio, balcony, or backyard where restrictions are in place.

With wildfires running rampant these days, an increasing number of developments and communities are banning all grills that have a flame or are powered by volatile fuels.

Electric grills are the safest to use and in most cases, can be used pretty much anywhere.

Clean and safe for backyard camping too with no smoke annoying your neighbors. Obviously, you should always operate any cooking appliance with a healthy dose of care and common sense.

Char-Broil Makes It Easy

It’s easy to get grilling with a Char-Broil Infrared electric grill. Simply plug it into any wall outlet and turn on the burner. Once it’s warmed up, it’s time to get grilling. That’s all there is to it.

You’re In Control

You can adjust the grilling temperature from the oven-style control knob on the front of the grill. There’s also a lighted display to make it easier to see when the sun’s gone down.

Two side shelves provide sufficient space for food preparation or storage.  Two large wheels on the back make it easy to move this grill to various locations on your deck or patio.

It’s not nearly as cumbersome as most charcoal or gas grills, in fact, it’s the exact opposite.

The Char-Broil Infrared electric grill is a well-built grill

The grill itself is made from cast iron and coated in porcelain, so it’s both rust-resistant and easy to clean. The assembled size is 38 inches wide by 25.6 inches deep by 39.8 inches high.

The entire assembly weighs about 54 pounds, which is a significant weight. Thankfully, the wheels are a definite asset for moving it around on your patio, deck, porch, or driveway.

All the major components like the lid, firebox, and the grill are finished with a durable porcelain coating and since the steel grates are coated in this porcelain finish, they are quite easy to clean.

Everything is well-protected, so you should easily get a few year’s use out of it with minimal care.

Added Features Are Useful

It’s a sleek and stylish design in a bright red finish that’s sure to stand out. Like many traditional propane barbecues, there’s a temperature gauge mounted right on the lid.

Not a lot of electric grills have this feature. It’s helpful in monitoring the temperature inside. You’ll notice a significant cooling down when the lid is opened.

Also, the warming rack is a nice addition you don’t often see in these skillet-type grills.

It provides an additional cooking area, making it ideal for side dishes or for warming up sauces or buns for your burgers.

There’s a chrome rack provided for additional storage and a cord management system at the back of the unit.

You don’t have to worry about tripping over cords left dangling from the grill.

That can be a problem with any electrical appliance, or anything that depends on an external propane tank for fuel, like portable fire pits. The less exposed cord or hose there is, the better and more problem-free the operations.

Authentic Grilled Foods – Without Charcoal or Propane

As a cooking appliance, the Char-Broil 17602047 Infrared Electric Grill is right up there in terms of cooking performance.

It heats up faster and gets hotter than many grills on the market. It also cooks more evenly than other grills we tested.

What you’re left with is juicy and delectable food, no matter what you throw at it, or on it.

With no open flame, flare-ups are kept to a minimum, though they can occur, so you still need to keep an eye on things when you’re cooking.

Those additional side tables give you extra space for a plate of food that you’re loading onto the grill, or for preparing a sauce as the meat sizzles.

Another great asset of the Char-Broil Electric Patio Bistro is that it features 1750 Watts of grilling power, that’s more than most in the field.

It also plugs in any 110 or 120 Volt outlet – so you can use it anywhere. On the downside, the power cord supplied is only about 5 feet long – so you’ll need to be fairly close to an outlet.

If you decide to use an extension lead make sure it is suitable for the purpose.

Get Great Grilled Food Where Traditional Grills Are No Longer Allowed

It’s a terrific and practical solution for anyone living in buildings who are not allowed charcoal or gas grills but want to enjoy the experience of cooking outdoors with their favorite foods, grilled to perfection.

Cleaning Is Easy

To clean up when you’ve done the grilling, simply turn the grill up to level five (the highest temperature) for 15 minutes. Then, turn it off and scrape the grill with a good nylon grill brush.

Nylon brushes are best so you don’t damage the porcelain coating. Warm soapy water or a grill cleaner can also be used.

When the grill has been cleaned, you can season it with a little canola or olive oil to help keep food from sticking and to prevent rust later on, after you’ve had the grill for a couple of years.

Another advantage of this Char-Broil electric grill is that you can use wood chips to add that delicious smoky flavor to whatever you’re cooking.

That’s something you just can’t do with most electric grills.

Important Note:

It’s important to note that only wood chips are recommended.

Set Up Is A Breeze

As for assembly, anyone can put this together in about half an hour to an hour, moving at a nice and easy pace.

It’s a fairly straightforward, do-it-yourself project. But it’s always best to do this kind of assembly with a helper.

The key to excellent results is to allow adequate time for this girl to preheat. Typically, that means 20 to 30 minutes, if you really want a good sear on your food.

The temperature is easy to control with the always accessible control knob right on the front of the grill.

After warming up for that long, you can cook pork chops in four minutes per side and they’re cooked perfectly with beautiful grill marks.

This grill is capable of leaving a restaurant-quality sear on all types of food including fish and vegetables.

Unplug When Not In Use

It’s a good idea to unplug the grill whenever you’re not using it. Keep it undercover or in a dry, cool environment.

Be Sensible.

It is an electrical appliance after all and you don’t want to damage the connections or the cord.

Temperatures can reach as high as 550°F. That’s with the lid on closed and the temperature setting at its highest.

It’s a very convenient grill to use and it gives food that nice grilled flavor.

Safety Warning: This Char-Broil Electric Grill should only be used outdoors.

This is not one of those grills that you can use either indoors or outdoors. But it works well in both warm and cold temperatures. So you don’t have to limit use to the summer months.

What Buyers Like Most

  • Produce very little smoke, so it’s excellent for an apartment or condo balcony
  • Fat drippings collect in the provided tray (and the drip pan is larger than most so it catches more grease) great news for your figure, fewer calories.
  • Solid packaging increases the chances of getting a damage-free product
    Construction is top-notch (it’s a well-made unit, especially considering the low cost)

Red Hot And Easy To Handle

  • This one gets hot (reaching 550°F) and is able to retain heat if you don’t open the lid too often
  • Very easy to use, even for a beginner
    You don’t have to worry about propane tanks, charcoal, or wood
  • It’s fast (just plug it in, let it warm-up and then start grilling)
  • Sizable grill (so you can grill a lot of things at once, for example, nine good-sized hamburgers plus eight sausages at the same time)
  • An easy way for couples or small families to get grilling without the usual hassles

Authentic Flavor

  • The flavor you get from using this Char-Broil Infrared Electric grill is similar to using a propane grill (and it’s even better with wood chips)
  • Grates are easy to remove and clean (more so than some other brands) No charcoal ashes to get rid of and no propane to run out when you’re busy cooking
  • Excellent customer service (should you need replacement parts simply get in touch)
  • Fold-down shelves on the sides are useful for storing the grill in a small place
    Works well on a ton of different foods like grilled chicken, burgers, shrimp, wings, steaks, brats and vegetables
  • Quality product from a reputable name
    Make succulent food that’s cooked evenly and consistently
  • Cooks as fast as a charcoal or propane grill (and it’s more convenient and costs less to operate)
    Good value for the price
  • There are no fumes which is a nice difference between electric and propane

What Some Buyers Didn’t Like

  • The onboard thermometer is not always accurate (one buyer reports having turned up the grill to maximum heat with the temperature gauge never exceeding 360°F)
  • As with any grill, it’s no fun cleaning up burned on grease (easiest way is to clean it with a barbecue cleaner and let it soak for 45 minutes before washing and rinsing.
  • Then turn the heat on for a while to dry everything out once it’s completely dry, you’re good to go)
  • Assembly instructions are inadequate.
  • Takes longer to warm up than a gas grill
  • Requires a special nylon grill brush for the grates as a regular wire brush will scratch the porcelain coating and damage it (Char-Broil makes a great brush and it’s not expensive)
  • You need to buy a grill cover to protect the unit when not in use. (It’s a recommended add-on purchase that will extend the life of your grill and give you a more satisfying experience)
  • The power cord isn’t very long, so you need to be close to an outlet, or have the appropriate short extension cord to give you a few extra feet
    Even though there’s no flame, flare-ups can still occur

The Verdict

char-broil-infrared-electric-grill-red-in-colorIf you want to experience authentic grilled foods at home, without the hassles and dangers of traditional charcoal and propane grills – this Char-Broil Infra-Red Electric Grill may be just right for you.

It’s easy to operate and made by a well-known name in grilling. If you’re not into the color red no worries, the manufacturer also makes this model in a very classy black which you may prefer.

While it’s not an exact replacement for a charcoal grill, it’s ideal for anyone in an apartment, loft, townhouse or condo building where charcoal and propane grills have been banned.

Keep your family happy and healthy

Grill to your heart’s content using the Char-Broil Infrared Electric Patio Bistro Grill without having to worry about the health risks of smoke inhalation

Thank you for reading our review. You are welcome to check out our other posts which we hope will be of value.

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