Fire Pit Accessories

Accessories are available for most fire pits either from the fire pit manufacturer or  third party supplier. We have included the best of both with direct links so you can obtain more information without having to search for the items individually.

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Outland Accessories

Carry Bags

Outland produce 3 different size carry bags for their specific sized fire pits, each one is UV and weatherproof giving great protection when not in use and the carry handles make transportation easy. Click the Orange button for your size. 

outland firebowl 893 carry bag included in the package

Propane Tank Cover

Covers the 20lb propane tank protecting it from the elements as well as hiding the tank and providing a useful table top.  The cover is both UV and weatherproof with plenty of air ventilation vents with easy access to the valve via a top zip. Click the buy button now.

outland 20lb propane tank cover

Natural Gas Conversion Kit

Some of the Outland Firebowls can be converted to Natural Gas using the conversion kit, if you have a gas line at home. Full instructions come with the kit but we recommend the job is done by a professional. Doing this will then make the fire pit non portable as the valves are of a different size.

760 natural gas conversion kit

General Accessories for all fire pits

RV Quick Connect

Not all fire pit manufacturers produce an RV quick connect for propane tanks but there are a choice of different ones on the market with different lengths of pipe. Although we ourselves don’t  have an RV we have spoken to many who do have them and the most popular seems to be the Dozyant 12ft LPP hose.

dozyant-12-foot lpp-cuick-connect-hose

Black Waterproof Fire Pit Cover

This is a round Porch black waterproof fire pit cover. It is available in different shapes and sizes. 3 year warranty. Hit the buy now button for more information 

porch- black-waterproof-fire-pit-cover

New Standard 20lb Propane tank

This is a new 20lb LP Tank fitted with the OPD valve, (overfilling protection device)and required on all 4 to 40lb DOT cylinders, it is made of Steel and powder coated for durability.

There are different makes and sizes on the market but this was the least expensive, however we have included a link to a better known brand with a 30lb tank which has over 500 reviews but is slightly more expensive.                            


new 20lb propane tank
flame king quality propane tank

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