Fire Pit Grills

Last Updated on July 11, 2022


Fire Pit grills

Fire pit with cooking grate for you to BBQ on direct or using cooking pots.

fire pit grills

The traditional wood burning fire pits or cast iron fire pit with grill can be used for cooking and most have both a grill grate and spark screen included in the package, if not then the grill grate can be purchased separately.

Most food that you would cook on a BBQ can be cooked on a fire pit with a cooking grate.

Fire pits are generally used as a source of heating for a backyard or patio in order to extend family and friends socializing time on cooler evenings.

Portable and fixed propane fire pits are a common choice but definitely not recommended by ourselves or many manufacturers for cooking on, other than the odd marshmallows or s’mores.

Fat from hotdogs, or other fatty foods dripping onto the larva rocks around the gas flame (discoloring and causing them to smell) or blocking the gas jets will likely nullify your warranty, check with your manufacturer first.

What fuel is best for fire pit grills?

Two types of fuel are readily available for these grills
#1 smokeless coal or charcoal
#2 Seasoned or kiln-dried hardwood

These new bamboo charcoal logs for grilling have some great reviews and are low spark and almost smokeless.  It’s advisable not to cook over the open wood flame as it is too hot and your burned food doesn’t taste too good.

Ways to cook on the fire pit!

1- Directly on the grill grate once the flames have died down
2- Pots or cooking trays placed directly onto the grate
3- Pots can also be hung over the flame from a tripod
4- Rotisserie cooking this can take a while for the food to cook

Selection of Fire pit grills:

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