Flame Genie Review 2022: A Hot, Glowing Camp Fire (no smoke no sparks)

Last Updated on January 10, 2022

After checking out a few dozen other fire pits, we stumbled upon the Flame Genie and were immediately blown away by its functionality and performance. It’s a smokeless fire pit for the backyard or campsite with a twist.

flame genie wood burning smokeless firepit

What the Flame Genie firepit does is provide you with a genius way to enjoy an authentic fire pit experience.

More importantly, the Flame Genie produces a beautiful  smokeless campfire experience wherever you want.

Whether you’re at a campsite or on your patio or driveway and without burning firewood – it also doesn’t use propane or natural gas as its fuel. 

So, What Does It Burn?  

 Keep reading, and all will be revealed, or if you’re short on time click the link below.

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What Makes The Fire Genie Different From Other Firepits?

The biggest difference between the Flame Genie and other smokeless firepits lies in what it burns -Wood Pellets.

The Magic of Wood Pellet Fire Pits

Not only do you get a vibrant flame and abundant heat from wood pellet firepits, but you also get something that’s easy to use.

Wood pellets are a breeze to load into the fire, they burn clean, smokeless, spark-free, and produce minimal amounts of ash.

That means that they require very little clean-up at the end of the night.

You won’t leave smelling like smoke and you never have to worry about getting small holes in nearby fabrics – like tents, tarps, or blankets – from sparks produced in an uncovered open pit fire.

You may be surprised or even shocked by the quality of fires you’re able to create and enjoy with this brand of portable firepit.

With a Flame Genie pellet fire pit, you get a larger flame that we call a “flame genie inferno” with a generous amount of heat.

What Other Benefits Are There To Using Wood Pellets For a Fire Pit?

  • There’s no firewood to order and store in bulk.
  • No chopping wood
  • Wood pellets have very low moisture content – much lower than any firewood. In fact, even the best air-dried firewood can’t compare.
  • Fire Pit wood pellets are able to produce a more efficient and cleaner burn than you can get from any species of firewood.
  • There’s no need for propane tanks near the fire, which can be unsightly if not tucked out of the way.

Propane tanks can also be potentially dangerous – when safety measures are overlooked.

Another important point to keep in mind:

If you’re traveling any distance and crossing state boundaries, you may not be able to take firewood with you.
Fortunately, pellets are not an issue. You can easily cross state lines freely with wood pellets onboard.



flame genie wood burning pellet fire pit in two sizes2 1


What Is The Flame Genie Wood Pellet Fire Pit Made From?

Like some other smokeless firepits, the Flame Genie boasts a beautiful stainless steel finish, but in this case, it seems to be made of superior material.

According to the manufacturer, the Flame Genie is crafted of high-quality rustproof stainless steel that simply will not rust.

It’s also surprisingly easy to clean, another huge plus.

How Big Is The Flame Genie?

Overall, the size of the Flame Genie measures a relatively small 13.5 inches x 13.5 inches x 12.5 inches in height.

It’s somewhat smaller than many of the available fire pits on the market these days.

If you’re looking for something a little bigger then the 19-inch x 16.5 inch Flame Genie may be a better choice for you.

Because of its compact design, this fire pit is effortless to pick up in your hands and take with you – wherever you want to enjoy a real bonfire experience.

Also, due to the fact that the burn chamber is a smaller diameter, it means that you’ll burn fewer pellets in total.

So it will be more economical to operate this fire pit than one that burns dry hardwoods purchased from a supplier.

Is The Flame Genie Fire Pit Smokeless?

The Flame Genie is designed with something called a “gravitational afterburner”.

This is the component design responsible for creating those longer burn times that are also smoke-free and spark-free.

A blessing in disguise, if you or your family suffer from breathing problems or allergies. 

Fire Pit wood pellets are easy to handle, simply pop them into the fire. Once they burn through, they leave only a small amount of ash.

Since the Flame Genie is such a compact design, it’s easy to fit into any RV, trailer, fifth wheel, or car trunk – for that matter.

This means you can take it with you to the beach, campground, state park, or to a friend’s backyard patio.

Enjoy a spectacular fire on demand and savor those special moments.

Wherever you go, you can enjoy a gorgeous flickering flame, comforting heat, and a true wood pellet fire pit experience.

Stainless Steel Or Black Galvanized Which Should I Choose?

flame genie wood burning smokeless firepit
flame genie black color wood pellet burning firepit

It’s important to note that the flame Genie is actually available in two different finishes – one is black galvanized steel and the other a high-quality stainless steel.

We recommend the stainless steel version.

The black, though cheaper, seems to be made with inferior materials and the finish shows fatigue far too quickly.

The stainless steel unit can withstand the heat of a fire much better and according to the manufacturers will not rust. For us, it’s a no-brainer.

Truth be told, it’s somewhat surprising that the same company that put so much attention to detail into the stainless steel Flame Genie would produce another model made from clearly inferior materials.

If you’re looking more at the cost between the two we suggest the stainless steel model, you will get more bang for your buck, it’s a far superior fire pit than the black galvanized model.

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How Many Pellets Does Fire Genie Use?

As an estimate, a two-hour-long fire is likely to use about half a bag of pellets.

Compared to the cost of quality firewood these days, the Flame Genie should save you a bit of money.

Some previous buyers have reported that you can also use manufactured fire logs in the Flame Genie fire pit and that these tend to last longer than pellets.

That would stretch the value even more.

It’s important to note that the manufacturer recommends pellets only and you may void the warranty if you were to burn anything else in this particular smokeless fire pit.

Enjoy A Beautiful Fire With Less Work

With Flame Genie, you can relax and enjoy a smoke-free and spark-free bonfire – wherever you choose to set it up.

It’s the perfect fire pit to take with you when you’re out in the wilderness, enjoying a family picnic at the side of the river, or simply relaxing by spending a leisurely night on the backyard patio with the comfort of a warm fire.

It’s great for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. As long as it’s comfortable enough to huddle together outdoors, you can fire up your Flame Genie and savor an authentic bonfire experience.

If you love to be out in the fresh air, this smokeless fire pit can help you extend your summer season and squeeze in more of the experiences you want.

How Do You Light A Flame Genie?

To set up the Flame Genie properly, it’s important to follow the instructions.

This is of particular importance if this is your first time using wood pellets as fuel.

At the start of each fire, you should load the Flame Genie with pellets only up to the interior fill line.

We’ve had the best results by filling it to the line as closely as possible. Not too little and not too much.

If you stick to it, you’ll have a much better time of it and you’ll tend to enjoy your Flame Genie that much more.

Once the pellets are in place, go ahead and apply a little lighter fluid or pellet gel to the wood pellets in a few different areas.

Then carefully ignite the fire in several different locations.

Done correctly, it will quickly catch and you’re off to the races. You should be able to enjoy a nice long fire with minimal tending.

How Do You Keep Fire Genie Burning?

Periodically, you will have to scatter additional pellets on top of those that are burning down.

What we found is that it takes a little bit of experience to get used to just the right amount of pellets to add and when.

Typically we found that it works best to leave the fire alone after starting for about 45 minutes. Then add a handful of pellets.

If you toss in too many, you’ll smother the flame. Use too few and you’ll find yourself adding more pellets on an almost non-stop basis.

Can The Fire Genie Be Left Outdoors?

flame genie tote bag

Although the manufacturer of the Flame Genie claims that their stainless steel model will not rust if left outdoors, we recommend storing it in a Tote Bag, available extra, or indoors if you have the space available.

There are 2 sizes available to fit both the large and small Flame Genie models.

After all, you’re investing in a quality smokeless fire pit and you want to be able to enjoy it for as long as possible.

When the season comes to an end and it’s time to put your Flame Genie away, it’s easy and convenient.

That’s because of the base of the Flame Genie nests inside the top of the unit.

This provides a more compact package in which to store or transport your fire pit.

What Buyers Liked Most

  • Displays a beautiful flame that produces wonderful radiant heat  
  • 20 pounds of pellets give you approximately 5 hours of enjoyable fire
  • Easily large enough for four to six adults to sit around comfortably
  • A well-designed product and a clever concept for a smokeless fire pit
  • Much cheaper than other competing stainless steel fire pits
  • Emits very little smoke so you’re able to sit closer to the fire (and stay warmer)
  • Ideal for a patio backyard or driveway
  • Easy to use and clean up is a snap
  • Fire easily lasts 30 to 45 minutes without needing to tend to it
  • No smoky smell in the air or absorbed by your clothes
  • A durable product means it offers solid value
  • Easy to light with a barbecue lighter (and safer than a cigarette lighter)

What Some Buyers Didn’t Like

  • Black finished unit rusts easily (painted black coating can bubble and chip off – doesn’t seem to be finished in a heat-resistant paint)
  • A little pricey for what it does
  • Pellets are difficult to locate in some areas – expensive in others
  • After the initial burn – the fire seems a little needy of your attention
  • Not a fan of needing to add pellets every five or 10 minutes to keep it going (an automatic pellet feeder would be a great addition)
  • There’s a bit of a learning curve involved (It can take some time to figure out how to keep this fire going for hours. You can’t let the flame die down too far. If you wait too long, you’ll get a smoky fire and you’ll have to reignite a new load of pellets.)
  • It Burns through pellets quite fast (which can make it expensive)
  • Would be great if it had accessories to use for cooking

Conclusionflame genie wood burning smokeless firepit

For a compact and smokeless portable fire pit experience, it’s tough to beat the Flame Genie.

We recommend the stainless steel version. It’s a clever and stylish design that would look great anywhere.

It’s different from other fire pits in that it uses wood pellets.

That’s the beauty of the Flame Genie system. Since the pellets are extremely dry – they produce a smokeless bonfire you can enjoy at home, away at the cottage, or on virtually any camping trip.

Please let us know if we have helped you make your choice, or if we could make the information better for you in some way.

We would love to hear about your experience, We always listen. Contact Us 

Keep those home fires burning and enjoy those precious moments together.

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