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Hi Flame Wood Stove Review 2021: Awesome Almost Smokeless Fire Pit

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Meet the Hi Flame wood stove, an attractive, portable, smokeless fire pit you can enjoy at home, on the beach, or a campground.


Hi flame wood stove with lid showing flame

Whether it’s an intimate dinner for two, A cozy get-together with your family and friends, or a large celebration.

You can cherish the moment with the ambiance that only a Hi Flame wood stove can bring.

It now features an updated design that includes a 2 mm thick lid, plus a bottom stand that’s been welded for extra strength.

These upgrades make this the best edition of the Hi Flame Wood Stove yet.

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What Is The HI Flame Wood Stove Made Of? 

It is built from 304 stainless steel, known for its durability.

One thing that’s notably different about the Hi Flame Wood Stove Bonfire is that it has considerable weight. It tips the scale at a rather significant 42 pounds.

That’s about twice as heavy as some of its competitors.

However, the extra heft and weight is an indication of the solid construction involved in the Hi Flame Wood Stove.

Despite the weight, it is still portable enough to take with you to various campsites. Barbecues at home, family get-togethers, or any adventure into the remote outdoors.

This one could be an excellent companion to a beach gathering of friends – as long as it’s legal to have a wood-burning fire in your chosen jurisdiction.


No Assembly Needed

What you get is a fire pit is that is made from one-piece construction which means there are no parts to assemble. It is strong and solid with its double insulated upper wall.

It also boasts support pedestals as well as a top lid. There is absolutely no gas or propane used on a Hi Flame Wood Stove Bonfire.

It’s strictly made to be used with kindling and other pieces of firewood.

Larger logs should be split with an axe before adding them to the Hi Flame fire pit.


How Does The Bonfire Fire Pit Work?

Once your fire gets going, a natural vacuum-like effect takes place where the outside air gets pulled in through the bottom holes around the perimeter of the Hi Flame Bonfire.

This cooler air travels up between the walls and as it gets warmed up it’s pushed out over the fire through small holes at the top.

It’s this hot oxygen that creates the secondary burn, burning off smaller particles of wood that would otherwise become smoke.


No More Flying Embers

With the provided lid, you don’t have to spend any time worrying about random embers floating around after you’ve called it a night and gone off to bed.

That’s huge because, with many fire pits, you have to make sure the wood is completely extinguished before leaving the scene.

You don’t want to risk a grass fire, or having a red-hot ember burn a hole in your beautiful patio furniture.


Protects Your Floor And Burns Clean

The base that the Hi Flame Bonfire Fire Pit sits on helps protect the floor surface by having the part that gets hot elevated off the floor.

There are numerous air inlets located near the base which help feed the flame plenty of oxygen. This is what gives you that beautiful flaming fire.


A Smokeless Fire Means Clean Healthy Air

The Hi Flame Wood Stove produces very little smoke, so you won’t have to worry about breathing in toxic fumes, therefore better for your health especially if you have allergies or breathing conditions like Asthma.

With an ordinary wood fire, if the wind changes direction suddenly, everyone has to move away to stop the smoke from getting in their eyes as well as on their clothes and giving them that awful fire pit smell nobody likes that.

If you’ve ever sat next to a wood-burning fire, you know exactly what I mean, you’re already wearing that distinctive burnt wood scent.

With a Hi Flame System – That Just Doesn’t Happen.

A Highly Efficient Burn

Since the Hi Flame Wood Stove burns so efficiently, it demolishes the wood down to almost nothing.

All that’s left is a little ash at the bottom of the pan.

The advantage of such an efficient burn is that there’s very little waste, so clean up is a walk in the park, and you’re getting maximum value from every piece of firewood tossed into the fire.


A Good Size – Yet Manageable Too

The overall size of the Hi Flame Wood Stove is 20.5 inches in diameter and it stands 18.5 inches tall so it’s notably higher than other fire pits.

It’s a good size and very sturdy – without being cumbersome and big enough to seat several people around. 

The result is you can enjoy an authentic clean campfire experience at home, or wherever you choose to go.

Hi-Flame claims to have deployed wood stove technology in the design of their bonfire which produces heat and an attractive flame.


Hi- flame bonfire wood burning smokeless firepit with lidHow Easy Is The Hi Flame Wood Stove To Clean?


The Bonfire wood stove burns firewood down to next to nothing. All that’s left is ash residue, which can be easily dumped once cooled.

This way your Hi Flame wood stove is ready to go the next time you want a cozy warm smokeless fire. 

With the Hi Flame wood stove, you actually burn the real thing – wood.

Yet it seems to burn more effectively in this woodstove-like fire pit.

Oxygen-infused cool air gets drawn in inside at the base of the fire and helps to create a secondary burn as this heated oxygen feeds back into the flame.

This results in a beautiful, roaring fire without the annoying smoke. 



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A Nice Way To Spend A Summer’s Evening

Whether it’s a cozy get-together with family and friends or a quiet and intimate dinner.

You can create the perfect ambiance of a real wood fireplace with the Hi Flame bonfire.

It’s easy to set up the Hi Flame Wood Stove at home on your backyard patio, simply due to its size and weight.

Having a go-to location for set-up makes this fire pit a good choice for regular evening gatherings with the family to reminisce as you roast marshmallows or S’mores over the open fire.

It also helps to create a nurturing environment for relaxing conversations with friends or to simply spend some time under a stary sky. 

If you haven’t done so since you were a kid, give it a try. It’s a wonderful way to trigger memories from years past, or to create new memories of time shared together.


Efficient and Environmentally-Friendly

The Hi Flame fire pit provides a complete burn of any dry hardwood you feed into the fire.

This means you get more efficient use out of every log, with less waste. It also provides a more economical way to burn firewood than by doing so in an open fire pit.

Combine this more complete burn with far less smoke produced as a by-product of the fire.

This means you have a fire pit that is naturally friendlier to the environment and healthier for everyone.


What People Like Most

  • Provides a good clean burn: And the secondary burn is especially cool to watch too
  • A well-built unit: With the bottom ring solidly welded. Earlier reviews mentioned weak welds which seem to have been corrected in current models released by the manufacturer
  • It’s shipped as a one-piece unit: so it’s clearly a strong build without being too heavy, most could pick it up and load it into a camper van or RV to take to a campsite
  • Sleek and modern design: Makes a statement in any yard or patio. An attractive style you’ll want to show off
  • Doesn’t seem to be particularly susceptible to rust like some brands are
  • Produces a smokeless fire: This is a huge plus for those of us who like to sit out by the fire on a regular basis.
  • Suitable for a large gathering: A single Hi Flame Wood Stove has been enjoyed by numbers ranging from one to twenty 
  • The base and lid are included in the price: This makes it a more value-minded purchase than its chief competitor.
  • Built to last with heavy gauge stainless steel: You can’t beat stainless steel for durability.
  • Very easy fire to start: The walls help establish a protected environment when the wind is blowing.
  • Powerful heat: The amount of heat the Hi Flame Wood Stove throws off is significant
  • Intelligent design technology: Ensures that the wood burns thoroughly this helps reduce the amount of firewood you actually need. 
  • Ideal backyard fire pit: Can roast marshmallows and make S’mores.
  • An affordable and practical solution for smokeless wood-burning: Cheaper than other brands we looked at.


What Some People Didn’t Like

  • Previous versions had weak welds on the rim that holds the cover (a design flaw that has been fixed by the manufacturer)
  • Collected ash in the bottom can clog the ventilation holes if you don’t keep an eye on it
  • It is not safe to use on a deck without a fireproof barrier
  • Can begin to rust sooner than you might expect
  • Aesthetically, it can look like a giant soup pot with its circular shape and stainless steel finish
  • Would be nice if it came with wheels attached on the bottom



Hi flame wood stove with lid showing flameIf you’re looking for a sleek and stylish stainless steel fire pit capable of safely burning actual wood that you could use in your backyard whenever you want, the Hi Flame Wood Stove is a solid choice.

It’s slightly heavier and larger than most, but it’s also portable.

So you could take it with you and set it up at a family picnic, on the beach, or at a campsite.

It’s just not the most portable fire pit due to its weight.

It does produce a wonderfully robust flame without the smoke – which is a huge plus and it’s easy to start too.

With such a complete burn, your firewood tends to last longer and burn cleaner.

This makes tending to the fire and cleaning up afterward an easy task.  

For an affordable backyard stainless steel fire pit, the Hi Flame Wood Stove Bonfire is a solid choice that’s worthy of your consideration.


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We hope we have helped you make the best choice for your particular needs. If you have any questions please contact us  We are here to listen.

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