Outland Firebowl 870 Fire Pit: A Small And Compact Fire With Auto Ignition

Last Updated on March 16, 2022

outland-firebowl-870-premium-propane-gas-firepitOutland Firebowl 870 Premium Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit with Cover & Carry Kit, 19-Inch Diameter 58,000 BTU with Auto-Ignition

This Outland Firebowl 870 Premium is small and compact. however, it delivers a robust fire wherever you want it. providing you the ultimate in appearance and convenience.

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The Outland Firebowl 870 Premium Portable Propane Fire Pit is packaged into a tidy 19-inch unit.

Furthermore, the Outland Firebowl 870 Premium comes with all the bells and whistles, including a cover carry kit, plus an automatic igniter.

So this means quick starts every time once you get used to the routine. 

That’s a whole lot of firepower in a relatively small unit so it’s all easily controlled by you.

What’s In The Box?

Included with your 19-inch fire pit is a pre-attached 10-foot propane hose.

This comes in handy when you want to place the tank behind your chairs, so it’s more or less out of sight.(propane tank not included) 

Cover carry kit plus a fully adjustable regulator with chrome valve knob, so you can set the flame height the way you like it.

4.4 pounds of natural lava rock to create a flickering flame effect.

Included are both medium and large fire pit rocks so once the end of the hose is connected to your propane tank, you’re ready to roll.

A standard carry bag is available for purchase separately.

Outland is known for its quality

With the Outland Firebowl 870 Premium Portable Propane Gas Fire you get a durable high-quality steel fire pit that will produce 58000btu.

Finished with a protective enamel coating, therefore, lasting for several years.

They also provide a stainless steel burner and fasteners, adding to their ability to stand up to inclement weather.

If you want a portable propane gas fire that conveys class and elegance this is it.

Enjoy A Beautiful Fire – Even In Fire-Restricted Areas

The outland fire bowl 870 premium is perfect to take along whenever you go camping since it’s CSA approved for use in most areas with burn bans in effect.

Thousands of buyers have already experienced the joy of being able to have a campfire that’s almost like the real thing when wood-burning is prohibited.

Since Outland Living distributes its fire pits from Canada, all its units have been CSA approved.            (formerly the Canadian Standards Association)

This means they can be used anywhere outdoors even during campfire bans but do check with the local authorities first.

Is That A Hissing Sound I Hear?

As with virtually all propane fire pits and grills, there’s a slight hissing noise when the gas is turned on, but still safe to use.

As long as there’s just a little ambient noise in the background, you probably won’t even notice any hissing sound and it’s not anything out of the ordinary.

Premium Quality At A Down To Earth Price

As a “premium” fire pit, the Outland Firebowl 870 looks slightly different in appearance with a slick stainless steel band around the waist of the bowl.

It also features an automatic igniter and comfortable gas valve, something not included in lesser models.

Ready, Set, Fire!

It works just like a barbecue with a push-button igniter. You turn it on past the distinctive click just for a few seconds.

Doing this allows enough gas to enter the burn tubes then you shut it off.

When you turn it on again you’ll hear the click and boom the flame ignites from the spark supplied by the built-in automatic starter.

It can take a couple of tries to get the timing exactly right but once you get it, this thing fires up instantly every time.

Very Little Heat Underneath the Outland Firebowl 870 

Non-combustible surfaces are recommended even though very little heat is noticed underneath the unit.

Most people use their portable fire bowls on patio stones, concrete porches, even sand, dirt, or grassy areas.

There never seems to be a problem with any of these surfaces getting scorched.

Safety Precaution:  If you’re planning to use your fire pit on a deck, you should lay down a fireproof blanket underneath first.

What’s primarily different between the various models is the size of the span or the diameter of the pit itself. 58000btu ratings are the same.
Alternatively, you could place your fire bowl on a large paver or patio stone. 

In the case of larger fire bowls such as the Outland Fire Bowl 883, the heat is spread out across a greater span.

You’re Protected With A One Year Warranty

Like all Outland Living products, this one comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Chances are pretty good that you won’t have any warranty issues and should get several years of enjoyment from your fireplace.

It’s easy to set up, simple to use and it works great. It generates a considerable amount of heat.

On colder days and nights you may want to sit a little closer to the fire pit to stay toasty warm.

Attracts A Crowd – Wherever You Are

This premium outland fire bowl 870 is a great camping fire pit and can make you popular at campgrounds, tailgating, or in the pits after the races.

Campfires naturally attract people and when you’ve got a cool one, others want to know more about it and will tend to congregate.

What’s Different About This One?

The main differences between the standard Outland Firebowl and this premium version boil down to three things:

1 Automatic Ignition…
2 Stainless Steel Burner and Fasteners…
3 Decorative Stainless Steel Belt surrounding the bowl on the 870 models.

Do you like to camp in the mountains or at a higher altitude? This fire pit can handle the challenge of thinner, less oxygen-rich air too.

You probably won’t see the fully robust flame this thing puts out when it’s operating at these higher levels.

How The Cover Worksoutland 870 with cover

It can be a little tricky the first time you use the supplied metal cover.

Put the metal cover in place and align the top with the four slots on the bottom of the stainless steel trim and extend the straps over the cover.

Each clip needs to be hooked to the base to keep it locked down, something you’ll appreciate when traveling with your fire pit. 

Weather-resistant – A Real Bonus

Outland-Firebowl-870-Premium-Outdoor-Portable-Propane-Gas-Fire-Pit-with-Cover-&-Carry-Kit,-19-Inch-Diameter-58,000-BTU-Auto-IgnitionSome buyers see no problem in leaving their fire pit outside throughout the winter and exposing it to rain, sleet, snow, and ice storms.

It’s built with a higher degree of weather resistance, due largely to its stainless steel burner and fasteners and the snug metal cover on top.

I wouldn’t say the Outland Firebowl 870 is 100% weatherproof, but if you want to protect your fire pit, I suggest covering it and keeping it inside when not in use.

If you think this is the one for you then

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Lava Rocks 101


Be sure to open the medium rocks first. Bang them together to remove any loose dust and make a new stack of dusted-off rocks.

Then arrange these clean rocks on top of the burner area. Next, open the bag of large rocks and place them over the smaller ones


The automatic starter may take a little practice to get used to it. It’s all in the touch.

If you turn the knob too quickly, it may not work because you need to find the sweet spot and for that reason, it may take a couple of attempts.

3 Tips to lighting Outland Firebowl 870

  1. Make sure the switch is off at the pit.
  2. Open the valve on your propane tank fully.
  3. SLOWLY turn the dial on the fire pit to give the gas a moment to flow before turning the igniter on.

Once you get the hang of it it’s exceptionally easy.

Flame not Large Enough

If your flame isn’t large and robust enough, try the following after letting things cool completely.

Rearrange the lava rocks in your fire-pit

The secret is to put the small stones in first to create a base and then put the larger ones on top of the smaller ones to close more of the gaps.

Once you get your fire warm enough, you can turn it down to a medium setting and it should be just about right for three or four people.

If you want a flame similar to what you see in the picture, you will have to maintain a high setting but this will use more propane.


  • Design. The clever well thought out design enhances the users’ experience.
  • Total control. Shut it down quickly by simply turning the knob on the control valve.
  • Consistent startup. This one performs time and time again and it won’t let you down.
  • Portable. It’s compact and lightweight means it’s easy to take on the road.
  • Stylish. Looks great, particularly with the stainless steel rim around the bowl.
  • Quick to set up. It only takes a few minutes.
  • The fire pit is safe


  • Learning curve. Starting may not be as easy as expected because the auto igniter can take a little practice to get it right. Timing is the key factor here.
  • Price. Not surprisingly, this premium model comes at a higher price, but we think it’s worth it.
  • Quality control. There is the occasional buyer who reports that the product arrived in a slightly damaged condition.**This may have been a packaging issue or damage sustained in shipping. Getting a new replacement wasn’t the problem, it was the inconvenience of it all that mattered most.
**Outland has taken this on-board and has updated its shipping with ITSA-6 drop-ship, which is the highest certification for drop shipping.


outland-firebowl-870-with-auto-ignitionIf the ultimate in appearance and convenience in a fire pit is important to you then the Outland Firebowl 870 Premium Portable Propane Fire Pit is an excellent choice.

Almost instant starts without the need to mess with a portable starter, this does make life a little easier, (and who wouldn’t want that).

The stainless steel trim on the outside upgrades its appearance giving it an elegant flair.

You should consider this Outland Firebowl 870 if enjoying a glorious fire and portability is important to you.

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Thanks for reading our review, should you need any further information then please contact us we are always happy to help.