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Pop-up Fire Pit Review 2021: Unique Design and Functional BBQ

Last Updated on August 24, 2021

This Duel Purpose Pop-Up Firepit has got everything you could ask for in a portable fire pit. Unique design and look, lightweight, compact, never rust, and a fully functional BBQ Grill if desired

This excellent demonstration video by Living Survival, an owner of the Fireside Pop-Up Fire Pit and Grill, will give you valuable insights. 

Their video takes you through the complete set-up, pack-up, stow away as well as a demonstration showing you how to use the grill plate accessory for cooking food.

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A Fire Pit Is Essential To Enjoy The Great Outdoors

Let’s face it, if you’re reading these words, you probably love being able to enjoy life outdoors – as long as the weather is okay.

Being able to enjoy the great outdoors to the fullest means making the most of not just your days – but your evenings too.

And what would a summer evening be without a roaring fire as the centerpiece while sharing stories with friends or roasting marshmallows with your kids?

A Safe And Practical Solution To Toxic Smoke

The old way of enjoying a campfire – having an open fire in the backyard or a campfire pit on your campsite is becoming increasingly difficult with more and more restrictions and fire bans being put in place.

NOTE:  Always check with the local authorities regarding burn bans and fire restrictions.

Smoke is a major issue too – not just for those sitting around the fire – but for your neighbors and the environment.

Then there’s the challenge of starting the fire and keeping it burning throughout the evening.

When it’s time to call it a day, it takes time and plenty of water to extinguish an open pit fire safely.

It often leaves a horrible mess around the pit – as well as your clothes smelling like a burning log. 

Well, now there’s a much better way to enjoy a warm fire – without the smoke.

The Fireside Outdoor Pop-up Fire Pit.


What Makes The Pop-up Fire Pit So Unique?

pop-up firepit in full flameThe Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Fire Pit is square rather than the usual round shape.

Here’s an exceptionally lightweight, portable, and fully functional fire pit that’s quite unique in its design and look.

But unlike the circular fire pits that stay in a fixed, full-size position, this one folds up to a rather compact and easy to stow size.

So it’s a piece of cake to take this portable and smokeless fire pit with you wherever you go.

It’s the perfect fire pit for taking to the cabin or cottage, or for tailgating.

And it’s equally useful for loading onto your RV or trailer – or stashing it in the trunk of your car – whenever you go camping.

It’s also perfect for taking to the beach to enjoy those beach-front get-togethers late into the evening.

With the Pop-Up Fire Pit, it’s a fast and easy 60-second set-up.  so it’s great for camping, tailgating, beach & backyard BBQs, and more.

What could be better than that?

The Pop-up Fire Pit Is Highly-Rated By Previous Buyers

One of the best indications of the level of satisfaction you will experience from a new purchase is by observing how previous buyers – real people who already spent money on the product – feel about it.

It can often save you from making a big mistake, just as it can tip you off to a quality experience and a worthwhile product.

In the case of the Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Fire Pit, it’s pretty clear that buyers are overwhelmingly happy with their purchase.

That’s not to say that every single buyer loved it. That’s just not the case in the real world and every product has its detractors.

But judging from 400 actual customer reviews, this one earns a stellar 4.7 out of 5 possible stars – so you know it’s a good fire pit that provides a quality experience.

About These Ratings

Ratings need to be earned and the fact that the pop-up fire pit scores a 4.7 from a statistically significant number of people who forked out their hard-earned dollars speaks volumes about the product.

Interestingly, human nature makes us far more likely to complain and/or negatively review a product when we have a bad buying experience.

Though we are not so quick to positively rate or openly voice our support for a product when we have an impressive overall experience.

So the 4.7 stars have been earned by delivering a high degree of buyer satisfaction.

 How Is The Pop-up Fire Pit Different From Other Fire Pits?

  • Take a quick look at the visuals and you’ll see that this product boasts a unique, foldable design.
  • It’s an authentic fire pit – one that burns actual firewood cleanly and completely.
  • It also produces less smoke – so it’s perfect to use in the backwoods, as well as the backyard.
  • What we like most about the pop-up fire pit is just how lightweight it is.
  • Weighing in at just 8 pounds it’s far lighter than any other fire pit we’ve checked out previously.
  • What makes it so light is the aluminum frame and stainless steel mesh that holds the firewood.

Easy to Travel With

Due to its extreme lightness, this one is a top choice to take on the road.

This is particularly important for any RV that’s fully loaded and where added weight becomes an issue.

Obviously, due to its lightweight aluminum frame and thin stainless steel mesh structure – you wouldn’t want to put too much firewood in it at once and overload its capacity.

Setting up The Outdoor Pop-up Fire Pit?

The portable pop-up fire pit sets up in 60 seconds on virtually any surface area.

Including beaches, rocky shorelines, campgrounds, patios, and backyard areas.

The frame is designed in such a way that makes leveling this portable fire pit super-easy to do.

Once you’ve found your best location and unfolded the pit to the open position, you’re ready to roll.

You load your wood, starting with kindling first and you ignite it manually.

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How Does It Work?

What happens is, the design of this fire pit feeds oxygen under the fire so it gets exactly what it needs to produce a beautiful hot flame and a more complete burn.

Making sure that dry wood is used will mean you have an almost smokeless fire pit.

Unlike the double-walled smokeless fire pits, this one is exposed all around so you get to enjoy the fire from any vantage point.

It also means that it exudes warmth more directly and effectively.

As a portable fire pit, this one’s excellent for a number of users including frequent campers. 

But this foldable, lightweight fire pit is the perfect solution – whether you want to simply enjoy the company around a campfire pit or gaze up at the stars.

This firepit is elevated off the ground and has a built-in heat shield. So there’s never any danger to the grass or surface below.

When you’re finished using it, allow it to cool down, cleanup is quick and easy– Fold it up and you’re done.

It leaves a no-trace fire behind, A huge plus – definitely safer than any open fire.

It’s the perfect way to enjoy an authentic wood-burning fire wherever you happen to be.

It’s as real a firepit as it gets for a portable unit.

How To Light The Pop-up Fire Pit

Keep the pieces small to medium in size. And don’t use full logs, chop them smaller first.

It’s also important to make sure that the wood you use is as dry as possible.

If not, smoke could result and the wood will not burn as thoroughly as it should.

You could end up wasting material and having to remove pieces that haven’t burned through.

Overloading your Pop-up fire pit can cause unnecessary wear and tear on the product and shorten the life of your fire pit.

A Real Campfire… And It Cooks Your Food Too.

And There’s More, read on; or click the link below to get yours now.

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From Pop-up Fire Pit to BBQ Grill in Minutes

quad grill grate for pop up fire pitThe heavy-duty grill grate attachment is an accessory that will quickly and easily convert your Pop-Up Fire Pit into an Outdoor Grill.

Made from 4 mm. food-grade stainless steel bars.

These heavy-duty grates make cooking with pots and pans a simple and easy task. 

The Pop-Up Fire Pit Outdoor Grill allows you to bbq food from a few burgers and hot dogs to a three, or even a four-course meal for the whole family with 350 square inches of cooking space.

Perfect for parties or family get-togethers.

Two Grill Sizes

The grill grates come in two sizes, the quad-fold, and tri-fold, both designs fold down to 26-inch x 8-inch x 3 inches for ease of packing and storing into the included grill grate bag made of marine-grade vinyl.

Cook your food over charcoal and when you’re finished, remove the grill grates, throw on some wood, and enjoy your meal beside a glowing fire pit.

Since the pop-up fire pit burns wood, it’s easy to enjoy an authentic campfire experience.

It’s perfect for sitting around and enjoying the beauty and calm of a comfortable fire – with whoever you love to spend quality time with on a peaceful night.

The Pop-up Firepit Comes With A Notable Warranty

A strong warranty is offered by the manufacturer of the Pop-Up Fire Pit.

They promise a lifetime warranty for all parts that get damaged (through normal use – not abuse) except the mesh which has a 1 year or 50 fires warranty.

That’s about as strong as a warranty gets and it’s something that should be of interest to any potential buyer.

What People Liked Most

  • Very easy to fold down and rinse off
  • Lightweight yet surprisingly strong
  • Easy to stow away when not in use
  • Produces a surprising amount of heat around the fire that warms up not just your legs, but your entire body
  • Easy to set up and start a fire with a little paper, some dried twigs or kindling, and small pieces of firewood
  • Burns down to nothing but ash and produces an almost smokeless flame
  • Comes with a heat shield that helps protect the grass underneath
  • Packs up and into its carry case easily for quick storage during transport
  • The stainless steel mesh base allows for more airflow than a traditional firepit 
  • Innovative design burns cleaner and more completely
  • Cheaper than competing models and holds more wood than you might think (Up to 125 pounds)
  • Excellent for a patio where you don’t want a permanent fixture (it’s a practical alternative to the typically heavy fire pits and is much lighter than a typical steel fire pan)
  • Simply rinse with a hose and it’s clean and ready for next time
  • Responsive customer service
  • With a grill (available as an accessory) that sits over top, you can use wood or charcoal briquettes and actually cook meals
  • Very sturdy – even on different surfaces
  • Creates a beautiful visual because you can see the fire from all sides

What Some People Didn’t Like

  • The edges on the shield at the bottom can be really sharp (watch out when handling)
  • The included carry bag is cheaply made
  • The aluminum frame is thin and flexible (so don’t load too much wood on top)
  • Needs a little wire brushing after use to keep the mesh open
  • The heat shield seems a little fragile
  • If you’re not careful, you could easily burn a hole through the mesh
  • Velcro straps on the heat shield can melt off
  • Can be a little tricky figuring out where to install the heat shield, would be better if there was a clear marking on the frame
  • A spark screen over the top would be very helpful


pop-up firepit in full flameConclusion

Suitable for virtually anyone that loves to spend time enjoying the outdoor life. 

For a portable almost smokeless fire pit that’s easy to take with you and set up anywhere.

You just can’t beat the Fireside Outdoor Pop-up Fire Pit.

It’s a lightweight yet functional design. Just be sure to stack small sticks first and light those first.

Then once it’s going – add larger pieces gradually, just as you would with an open-pit fire.

If you love the idea of being able to see the dancing flame of the fire all night long and from any vantage point.

You’re going to love the Fireside Pop-Up Fire Pit.

That’s why we highly recommend it.

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Thank you for taking the time to read our review.

We hope we have helped you in some way to come to a suitable decision.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments on how we can improve our information to help you further, we would love to hear from you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will always listen.

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