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Portable Propane Fire Pit Outland 883 Review: Top Rated

Last Updated on August 30, 2022

This Portable Propane Fire Pit review will help you choose a top-rated, gas fire pit for your backyard.

outland firebowl 883 mega propane fire pitThe 883 portable propane fire pit is the perfect outdoor centerpiece for camping trips, RV travels, tailgating get-togethers, beach parties, and family evenings on the backyard patio.

In this review, we’re going to cover what makes the Outland Firebowl 883 work so well.

First, we will do a quick overview and then we will discuss the 883 fire pit in detail.  

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Quick Overview

  • Clean-air modern look, Propane Fire Pit
  • Smokeless, can be used on most Campsites (CSA Approved)
  • Made of high-quality steel
  • Easy setup
  • Easy clean
  • Large, 24 inches by 24 inches and it’s 13 inches high.
  • Long 10 ft. hose
  • Includes fire pit cover
  • 58,000 BTUs. per hour
  • Weight 33 pounds 
  • Fully adjustable flame regulator.
  • The propane fire pit can be converted to natural gas if desired.
  • Accommodates up to 10 people
  • Value for money

If you have a burning question in mind it’s probably covered in the table of contents below or in our Propane Fire Pit FAQ page. otherwise, keep on reading.

Keeping your guests warm and cozy  Warning: they may not want to leave.

Nothing beats having a glowing fire on your patio or in your backyard and enjoying the good company of family and friends.

A quality outdoor portable propane fire pit like the Outland Firebowl Mega 883 is like having a campfire at home, it couldn’t be quicker to set up, or easier to operate.

Sometimes you just want a bigger fire pit to take a more prominent presence on your porch or patio to be able to accommodate a larger crowd.

Many people have a small portable propane fire pit, nineteen-inch diameter, or less. But larger is exactly what you get with the Outland Mega Firebowl 883.

It’s a full 24 inches across and is capable of accommodating as many as 10 people around the perimeter.

So if you enjoy those fireside get-togethers with larger groups, you’ll want to learn more about this one.

How much heat does the Outland Mega Firebowl Produce?

outland firebowl 883 portable propane fire pit

Like all Outland Firebowls, this one produces 58,000 BTU s per hour.

It’s also spread out around a 24-inch diameter ring so that you get a wider fire and a portable propane fire pit that’s able to accommodate more people than its smaller counterparts.

This means you may not need to get quite as close to the fire as you might with another brand.

Even though it’s a somewhat larger unit, it’s still quite portable and easy to use.

There are no special tools required and you get the same smokeless flame and inviting warmth that you would expect from a good quality fire pit.

As far as overall dimensions go, this one measures in at 24 inches by 24 inches and it’s 13 inches high.

What’s in the box?

You get everything in the box to make this portable propane fire pit work except of course the propane tank and liquid propane.

You’ll also need one of those long BBQ starters and those are readily available from any outdoor store even grocery stores.

Don’t try using a cigarette lighter because it means you’ll have to get your hand closer to the ignition point, which can be dangerous.

Included with the 24″ Outland Mega Firebowl is a pre-attached 10-foot hose to mount to a standard 20-pound propane tank. 

This extra length allows you to keep the tank a safe distance away, making it less of an eyesore and allowing you and your guests to enjoy the fire.

You also get 6.6 pounds of natural lava rock to improve the appearance and enhance the flame.

Everything you need to run this right off the bat is included, as well as an extra bag of large rocks. You can save them for later when you want to refresh the appearance of your fire pit.

Also included is a fully adjustable regulator with a chrome valve knob for adjusting the flame height to your liking.


Outland has cleverly designed a tank cover, which completely disguises the propane tank and also converts it into a functional tabletop. Perfect.

thumbs upOne buyer found a creative solution by simply purchasing a ready-made garbage can lid (Rubbermaid brand) as an outside shell. This fits snugly on top of the propane tank and provides additional weather resistance.

What is the Propane Fire Pit made from?

Outland constructs its portable propane fire pit from high-quality steel with an enamel coating that’s higher quality than powder coating. This gives the unit greater protection and longevity.

They also used a stainless steel burner and fasteners which help allow their fire bowls to last longer than competing models.

780 natural gas conversion kit

It’s designed to burn cleanly. By using propane as the fuel it produces virtually no smoke yet substantial heat.

Are you looking to convert your Outland Fire Pit to natural gas?

Pick up the 780 natural gas conversion kit. just make sure you have it installed by a registered gas engineer.

Small fire pits are great. But sometimes you want something a little bit bigger around. And this one is bigger, not just in diameter, but in overall height too.

It weighs about 33 pounds so it’s quite a bit heavier than the smaller models.

Another difference is that with smaller models, the various manufacturers do not typically include covers as standard equipment.

If they are available at all, it’s often at a significant additional cost. But Outland includes it as part of the standard package with the 883.

Both this larger one and the smaller 19-inch models are rated at 58,000 BTU s so there’s plenty of firepower there.

The flame height may be a little bit lower because the gas is distributed over a wider area.

While seemingly very similar, the effect is a little different so it’s a good idea to think this through before choosing one size over the other.

You can compare the portable propane fire pit 19″ model on our review page here.

The base features four sturdy legs attached to a ring, that taper outwards towards the bottom. It’s an attractive design and it gives you a feeling of strength and stability.

Larva Rocks

Lava rocks are a good option for a portable propane fire pit for several reasons.

  1. First, they heat up quickly.
  2. Secondly, they radiate heat, making it warm and toasty to sit by the fire.
  3. Thirdly, they tend to cool down relatively quickly, in about 15 to 25 minutes so you can pack your pit up and stow it away until next time.

Should you ever need to replace the lava rocks they are sold separately, in many different colors and many different types.

picture of different colored lava rock

How do you light an Outland Firebowl 883?

outland fire bowl 883The beauty of a portable propane fire pit is you simply turn it on for an instant fire.

Then, with a twist of the wrist, you shut it down when you’re done. Easy peasy.

It’s an excellent fire pit to have on cool evenings and those crisp mornings when you’re camping.

It’s quite easy, relatively speaking, to take camping or anywhere else with you, although it’s not as compact as other Outland fire pits or those by other competitors. 

If you’ve got the room to fit it in your vehicle, the 883 can certainly go along with you and provide that campfire experience wherever you go.

outland-waterproof-uv-protection-carry-bag-for-24"-mega-fire-pitA 24″ Standard carry bag is also available separately and is very handy for having everything in one place when traveling.

The bag is made with polyester Dacron 400D with polyurethane lining and is weather resistant with UV protection for up to 2000 hours. Perfect for storage too.

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How easy is the 883 Fire Pit to transport?

Carrying this size of the portable propane fire pit, along with a 20-pound propane tank can take up significant space in a vehicle.

So it’s better to make sure that you have more than enough room in advance of your outing.

If you’re going camping, you’re going to have a lot of other gear to take with you like tents, sleeping bags, cookware, lawn chairs, and food.

While the fire pit won’t make or break your camping trip, it is more of a luxury item than absolute essentials like sleeping bags and food.

How long will a 20-pound tank last?

Standard (20-pound) propane tanks hold approximately 430,000 BTUs when full. Since this Outland Firebowl cranks out 58,000 BTUs at its highest setting, you should be able to get about 7 1/2 hours running it on high.

7 1/2 hours doesn’t seem very long. Most campfire fans could easily spend that much time in front of the fire in just a couple of nights.

The good news is you don’t (and probably shouldn’t) keep your propane at that setting. If it’s not exceptionally cold out, turn it down to medium or low after the first 15-20 minutes.

This unit has been tested to last 13 hours giving out 35,000 BTUs

You’ll still feel the warmth from the lava rocks and your fuel will last longer.

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Can I use the Portable Propane Fire Pit on a wood deck?

Beware solid wood decks are highly flammable and not covered under CSA regulations. Portable Gas fire pits are safe to use on non-combustible decks.

You need to check the manufacturer requirements and your city’s code before putting any type of fire pit on top of your deck.

Composite decking is much less of a concern.

Some people use their propane fire pit on their deck, even though it’s not recommended by the manufacturer.

If you’re going to use this on your wood deck, it’s better to lay down a large fireproof mat or patio stone under your fire pit for your peace of mind.

As with any gas fire pit, common sense should prevail. As long as you have plenty of clearance and there’s nothing flammable nearby and you’re operating this outside you should be good to go.

Can I cook on the 883 Propane Fire Pit?

Cooking over a propane gas fire pit is not advised, though some people do use it for toasting marshmallows and s’ mores.

When cooking food, grease, or other substances may drip down and cause damage to the interior parts as well as create a sticky mess, that you would have to clean up afterward. 

( I’m sure you wouldn’t want that) 

An Outdoor BBQ Grill would be more suitable for cooking outdoors.

Is it safe to use camping?

Like any Outland portable propane fire pit that is used for camping the 883 is CSA approved, burns clean, and smokeless.

It is, therefore, safe to use during most campfire bans but always check with the current fire restrictions in your area.

Safety warning:     All portable propane fire pits are to be used **outdoors only!**

Some buyers choose a fire pit as an insert for a larger outdoor fireplace or fire table made from steel, stone, brick, or concrete.

While this is certainly doable, it’s important to comply with the manufacturer’s minimum clearance specifications for your safety, and that of your family and guests.

It’s important to note that this outdoor gas fire is not a full 24 inches wide. That’s the diameter of the flange at its widest point.

The actual ball underneath measures about 19.5 inches, which is still a significant width, though it’s not the full two-foot span.

Due to its overall size, this fire pit can handle up to about 10 people comfortably. This means that all of them can get close enough to the fire to feel its radiant warmth.

Is there noise from the Propane Fire Pit?

The noise generated from this portable propane fire pit is similar to what you would get on a gas grill.  You do hear that slight hissing noise, as you do with any propane-powered appliance, and is quite normal.

Since this portable propane fire pit is larger and heavier, it’s not recommended that one person try to move it, especially if the rocks are in place.

Two people can handle this quite easily, even though it’s a somewhat awkward shape and size. It’s a little bulkier and heavier than similar units.

How easy is it to set up the Outland Firebowl?

Set-Up Is Quick and Easy. Make sure you set up your firepit on a non-combustible surface only. Patio stones, driveways, parking lots, and on the beach are the best locations.

The secret to getting maximum heat from the fire pit is to first spread the small rocks at the bottom of the bowl.

Then add the larger rocks, but do not set them too close together, or up against the tiny holes in the gas ring.

Be sure that there is no obstruction where the gas should flow. This allows the flame to form around the larger rocks and creates a nice visual effect.


  • A bigger pit means you can fit more people around it.
  • Portable. Even though it’s larger and heavier, it’s not at all unwieldy.
  • It’s effective. This fire pit generates comfortable heat and produces a flame that looks great. 
  • It’s affordable. When you combine a reasonable price and quality product, it equals good value for buyers.
  • Safe to operate. Puts out a lot of heat and yet the outside remains cool and safe.
  • Saves you money. It’s easier and less expensive to operate than buying firewood and constantly tending to the fire.
  • You don’t smell of smoke. That’s another advantage of having a propane fire pit.
  • It’s attractive. It’s true, this fire pit looks nice. Go ahead show it off and make your neighbors envious.
  • It’s stable. With four thick and well-supported angled legs instead of just a ring on the bottom.


  • Shipping rash. Occasionally, minor damage has been noted upon arrival. This could probably have been avoided with better packaging.(*see note below)
  • Not exactly as shown. The flame doesn’t look as grand as the advertising photographs would suggest.
  • No auto-start. It requires the use of an external igniter. (** see note below) 
  • Rocks don’t hold their original color. The lava rocks tend to be darkened by the flame.
  • It Burns through propane fairly quickly when you leave it on the high setting.

*  Great news, Outland has taken this on board and has now updated its shipping with ITSA-6 Drop Ship which is the highest certification for drop shipping.

** According to the Manufactures, auto-ignition is not the most reliable feature for this type of product, but the Firebowl 870 Premium does have the auto start for those who prefer this option.


outland fire bowl 883The bottom line on the Outland Firebowl 883 portable propane fire pit is that it’s a well-constructed fire pit offered at a fair price.

For anyone who enjoys hosting get-togethers around a snugly, warm fire, for up to about ten people, this one is an excellent choice.

You can use it on a backyard patio or take it camping. Wherever you set up, it’s sure to draw a crowd. Is this the one for you? 

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If you’ve still got questions you can find answers on our Portable Propane Fire Pit FAQ
or contact us, we would love to hear from you.