Solo Stove Bonfire Smokeless Fire Pit Review: Is it Worth The Hype?

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Thousands of buyers are in love with Solo Stove Bonfire Why? 

The Solo Stove Bonfire with its sleek modern design, along with its built-in technology, creates clean chemical-free air along with an efficient burn and a beautiful flame without the pesky smoke



If you’re looking for a quality, portable, real wood smokeless fire pit that enables you to enjoy clean air campfires in the backyard, on your patio, or while camping – this is it.

The Solo Stove Bonfire gets our highest recommendation – so you’ll want to take a close look at all it offers.

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Thousands of Happy Buyers Can’t Be Wrong

Solo Stove has sold their Bonfire model in the thousands and overwhelmingly, buyers give it two thumbs up.

It’s easy to set up wherever you want. Once the fire is going, you can enjoy it without the constant attention needed with an open pit fire.


Intelligent Engineering Creates A More Complete Smoke-Free Burn

Solo Stove is innovative in its functionality and simple style.

This Bonfire fire pit features a brilliant design that other brands of fire pits have tried to copy and replicate. Why?

The reason is simply that the Solo Stove Bonfire has been a runaway success from the start.

It offers a large circular frame constructed of premium grade stainless steel and it’s perfect to gather friends and family around.

Its durable build quality means that it should last you for a very long time, and in fact, it’s backed by an industry-leading lifetime warranty.

That’s something you just don’t see other manufacturers offering. This should give you the confidence you may be seeking when making your choice.

Actual Dimensions

The outside diameter measures 19.5 inches and the inside opening diameter (where you load it with wood) is about 17 1/2 inches across, allowing for plenty of wood inside.

From the base to the top it measures 14 inches tall. The overall weight of the Solo Stove Bonfire is 20 pounds.


Stylish and Functional in Any Setting

This Solo Stove Bonfire is constructed from premium grade (304) stainless steel.

As one-piece construction, it makes the Bonfire easily portable, so you can take it wherever you go.

It’s ideal for any home setting (backyard, patio, and driveway) and just as useful when you bring it along on a camping trip or a picnic at the river’s edge, or the beach.

The fire ring is also made of premium stainless steel and is designed to keep any fire centered and evenly distributed inside the cylinder of the Solo Stove Bonfire.

Sitting securely on top of the unit while in use, the fire ring can be moved to fit inside the cylinder when not in use.


Looking For The Perfect Gift? (You will be loved forever)

This makes an excellent gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, birthdays – even weddings and showers.

People everywhere seem to love the real bonfire experience of the Solo Stove.


Smoke-Free Camp Fires On Demand

The one thing that is most appealing about this particular fire pit is that there’s very little smoke produced by the fire.

That makes for a much more enjoyable clean atmosphere and far less troublesome to anyone else who happens to be in the vicinity of your campfire.

Your neighbors will appreciate it more than you think.


A Best-Seller

Without a doubt, the secret to the enormous market approval and success of the Solo Stove Bonfire lies in the product’s engineering.

Solo Stove has been around for nearly 10 years and they’ve developed quite a following starting from ground zero.

The Bonfire model is their best selling fire pit. It’s based on the same design as the smaller Solo Stove fire pits.

This one is significantly larger and much more like the real fire pits you find at a campsite in a national or state park.

In other words – it’s the real deal – a genuine bonfire.


Double- Wall Cylinder Helps Burn Off Smoke

There are no fans inside and no bulky batteries with the Solo Stove.

Instead, it’s the design that features double-wall construction that allows cooler outside air to flow in through the bottom holes and move up between the two walls.

When this preheated air reaches the top vent holes cut into the Bonfire, it then flows directly into and over the flame.

It’s this action that creates a secondary burn. This is the key to eliminating the smoke.

It also produces a more efficient fire and a complete burn of the firewood.

The result is that you get maximum use-value from every piece of firewood you burn.

It also reduces any remnants of the fire to a small amount of ash, making cleaning up afterward that much easier.


Easy To Start and Enjoy

Your firewood is housed inside the inner cylinder. That means it’s protected from any wind that can make starting a fire in an open pit difficult at times.

Using the Solo Stove Bonfire means that you will get more fire from your logs inside the cylinder than you would from an open pit fire.

According to Solo Stove, this design was five years in the making. And according to the vast majority of buyers – this design is nearly perfect.

Holes in the bottom of the solo pit are strategically placed to naturally draw air inside from the bottom and feed this heated oxygen directly to the top of the fire.

It’s an authentic wood-burning fire pit experience that results in a more attractive flame, intense radiant heat, and almost no smoke at all.

Additionally, there’s very little ash leftover at the end of your bonfire.

So the bonfire is easy to clean and it won’t leave you smelling like a campfire, something that normally happens with an open pit fire.


Great Experiences Come at a Cost – You get what you pay for (as they say)

solo stove bonfire wood burning smokeless firepitSure it’s pricey. But then again, with a lifetime warranty – the Solo Stove Bonfire represents excellent value from a quality product.

You can find something cheaper. But truth be told, you won’t get the same performance – or real wood burning fire pit experience – that the Solo Stove provides.

It’s ready right out of the box. The Solo Stove Bonfire fire pit is ready to go as soon as it arrives.

There’s nothing to assemble – so you can use it within minutes of arrival.

Sure there are a number of accessories you can buy, but none are necessary.

Some of these accessories you might also appreciate with your new solo stove bonfire include the Bonfire stand, Bonfire heat shield, Bonfire shelter, as well as the sticks and tools bundle to help you get your fires going easily – even with zero prior fire-starting experience.


Dry Hardwoods Give You The Best Results

As with any wood-burning campfire, you’ll get the best results when you use the best materials.

Undoubtedly, the very best wood to burn is dried hardwood.

Dried hardwoods burn completely which maximizes the fire value you get from your wood. You can use any hardwood you can get your hands on.

Some of the best options include hickory, maple, oak, birch, black walnut, ash, elm, poplar, apple, cherry, and more.

These woods tend to burn significantly longer than any kind of softwood, allowing you to enjoy the fire over a longer period of time with far less maintenance.


Get Dry Hardwoods For A Song

Many of these are top choice woods used by furniture builders and cabinet makers.

You can often get a box full of off-cuts at very little cost.

Due to the small size of these off-cuts (typically consisting of odd sizes and shapes, with knots or other blemishes in the wood) these shops can’t use those pieces of otherwise perfectly burnable wood.

Their only other option is to pay for disposal, and most shops would rather sell it for a small fee than have to pay to have it hauled away.

Try it. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you can get if you poke around a little.


There’s Nothing Like The Real Thing

If you prefer a real wood-burning fire – this may be your ultimate solution.

The Solo Stove Bonfire gives you everything you could want in a portable fire pit.

It also works much better in providing a clean and efficient burn than any open-pit fire at a campsite, or in your backyard.

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Clean Burning Makes Cleanup A Breeze

The ash pan at the bottom is designed to catch any loose ash and prevent the system from clogging and preventing the air to flow.

This is essential to a good clean burn. The ash pan also serves as a basic heat shield, so there’s very little heat transfer to the ground or surface below.

Vent holes at the top of the solo stove are what help create that secondary burn.

Without those holes, burning off the smoke particles just doesn’t happen.

With preheated oxygen from the air rising up from the between the walls and feeding the flame means you get to enjoy a hotter fire with less smoke and more complete burning of the raw wood.

At the end of the night, cleanup is as easy as can be. After allowing the bonfire to cool down, you simply turn it upside down to empty out any remaining ashes from inside the cylinder.

It’s always best to store your bonfire in a dry and cool environment when not in use. That’s the safest way to protect it from the elements.

You can use the Solo Stove Bonfire fire pit inside an existing pit, provided there are at least 2 inches of space all around.

That’s the bare minimum but the more space you have, the more it allows for effective airflow.

With more air to circulate, you will probably have a better fire overall.


What Buyers Like

  • Setup is quick and easy Cleanup is fast and simple 
  • Stylish design means this fire pit looks great in any yard or on a patio
  • The Bonfire generates plenty of heat which is comfortable for all to enjoy
  • Your clothes don’t smell of an open fire
  • Lightweight and portable – great to take camping
  • Excellent fire pit for roasting marshmallows and making S’mores 
  • A solid choice for anybody with allergies or asthma who may be bothered by smoke
  • Good build quality works exactly as expected
  • Requires very little maintenance to keep a beautiful fire going
  • You don’t need to be an expert to enjoy this fire pit – anyone can do it (if you struggled in the past to light other fires, you’ve got to try this one)
  • Can accommodate several people around the fire and nobody gets smoked out 

What Some Buyers Didn’t Like

  • If your wood is a little damp, it will likely produce smoke
  • It’s very hot during use (though it does cool down reasonably quickly when the fire is out)
  • It’s expensive (the price may give you pause for thought – but it does deliver great value)
  • The bonfire unit can be a little cumbersome to pick up and carry (the storage bag helps, but it would be useful to have built-in handles in the stove itself)
  • Bigger and heavier than some expected



 So, is it worth all the hype?


Thousands of happy buyers can’t be wrong. The Solo Stove Bonfire provides a real wood-burning fire pit that’s hard to beat.

Of course, if you’re not looking to using a fire pit on a regular basis– then you would be better purchasing a less expensive option. There are 7 choices here.


 Could The Price Be Lower? This is what the company says;

Our focus from day 1 has been to craft the world’s highest quality fire pit. Something that would last a lifetime.

So we use the absolute best materials and highest levels of craftsmanship”

 But if you love having campfires whenever you can, as we do – you simply won’t find a better portable smokeless fire pit than the Solo Stove Bonfire.

We hope the information has been helpful and you are now in a better position to make the decision that’s best suited for you and your family’s special circumstances and budget.

We wish you a warm and safe future. Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions on how we can make our information better.

We are here to listen. 


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